Week 6: User Scenario

What is a User Scenario?

A scenario is a narrative describing foreseeable interactions of types of users and your product. Scenarios include information about a users goals, expectations, motivations, actions and reactions.

Scenarios are neither predictions nor forecasts, but rather attempts to reflect on or portray the way in which a system is used in the context of a daily activity.

User scenarios predict how certain types of users represented by your personas will interact with your product in a given situation in order to complete a give goal. User scenarios allow you to test your product structure before its fully developed and isolate problems before they become problems.

Scenarios should  at least outline the:

  • WHO

  • WHAT

  • WHEN


  • WHY

  • HOW of the usage.


User scenarios should be born from your user personas. you need to start with qualitative research so you can look for patterns in behaviours, goals among people how fit your user persona. out of this information you can better understand how a user may use your product and what goals they may have when using it.

As interactive designers it’s important to understand the process of using personas and user scenarios and a context to drive a design.

Week 5 & 6 lecture pods have showed me just how important it is to identify and understand the type of people you’re designing for. They have showed me that developing user personas and using them in scenarios is the best way to see how the product will be used. Scenarios can also be used to identify problems what you may have over looked. These two lectures have showed me just how important it is to create user personas and user scenarios during the development of my app.


User scenario

User Scenario


Joey has been going to the gym the past few weeks because he wants to get fit. However, when he goes he never has a set plan of what he’s going to do when he gets there. He really wants to create his own routine so that he can get in and out instead of walking about and hopping on whichever machine that he feels like going on at the time.

Joey looks for some apps that might help him with this problem and he finds “Workout” he installs the app on his phone to try it out. He presses create own workout. The app suggests machines to help him in create his workout routine. He selects treadmill 10 mins and rower 5 mins and as a warmup. After his adds different weight machines and sets the amount of reps and rest period for each as well as the weight limit. After doing this the app shows the estimated amount of time that this workout will take 1 hour.

He goes the gym and does the routine following with what’s displayed on the app. He presses done after completing each (exercise?). when’s he’s finished Joey decides that he enjoyed this routine and decides to keep it for next time.